Curtains Up

Once upon a time, not so long ago (actually, in early 2010), there were veterans from the world of Tamizh theatre who felt that they have still not done enough in their long careers. They are yet to call it quits and now choose to keep going strong, and giving their very best as long as they can.

And then, there were young professionals who chose theatre for sheer passion and were not afraid to question conventions and traditions and dare to experiment. These young people are not reckless, as they have a sound background having learned the rules to break them eventually, and are already setting new standards.

On a rare day, the forces of nature creates a confluence where the veterans and the new players should co-exist – it is pandemonium, theatrics, high drama all the way, with the pull and push between the different generations, witnessed as a never-ending story in real life itself. A few twists and turns later, the tale climaxes to a surprising moment of sheer joy and bliss. All’s well as the veterans & the new generation are able to create path-breaking work together that leaves them satisfied and they vow to create more.

The curtains come down to rise again for yet another day that will stand witness to rewrite the story of yesterday’s theatre, redefine the theatre of today and create a theatre revolution for the future.