Dramatization & Narration : Vietnam Veedu Sundaram

Direction : Vivek Swaminathan

Conceptualized : Victor & Sravanth

Creative Head : Victor

Dance choreography : Manasvini K Ramachandran

Music : Anil


On the shores of eternity, in its ceaseless waves of ebb and flow, life rarely reveals its true heroes. They are occasionally washed ashore…yet immediately swept away by the perpetual waters of Karma… Even in The Mahabharatha, one of the most ancient anthropological records of human existence… and a treasure trove of worldly wisdom, only a few names receive all the attention – only a few names are ‘famous’, whilst its true hero remains unsung to this day. He is the selfless hero, whose life is a timeless message. He is filled with practical wisdom and ethics that not only helped the Pandavas to survive… but also befit the men and women of the present day. He is one man from The Mahabharatha, whose life bears a close resemblance to that of today’s man… who blindly chases fame only to realize that it is actually fame that chases him… and he needs to escape its clutches to lead a happy life… While today’s man is caught between the struggles of good and evil within himself and around him… so was our unsung hero… in epic proportions… But he overcame them with his insight into Dharma… which could salvage not just the Pandavas of Mahabharatha…but also us: the indecisive ‘Arjuna’ in us; the righteous ‘Yudhistra’ in us; the loyal and subservient ‘Nakula’ and ‘Sahadeva’ in us; and the irrepressible ‘Bhima’ in us. Although this man is not widely known to the masses, he is who we need now… he is the spirit we should search within ourselves now. VIDHURAN… IS HE IN YOU?


MacTrics, Mime and Body Theatre Group


Light Design : Charles Baby

Sound : Naradha Gana Sabha

Publicity Design : Sathish


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