Written & Directed by : Anand Raghav

Sets, Lights & Technical Direction : G. Krishnamurthy

Music : Guha Prasad

Executive Producers : Shivaji Chaturvedi & T.D. Sundararajan


Doosra’s protagonist is the Game of Cricket itself. The story of Cricket is depicted through the life of a 20 year old sportsman who gets selected to represent the country. The young cricketer’s paradigm driven by the forces of power, politics, money and pressure is essayed in the 100 minute play which , through its various characters, illustrates the metamorphosis of the game which over the years has grown from a sport to a mere commercial venture.

  • a Father who still believes in the values of the game,
  • an obsessed Fan with a love and hate attitude,
  • a Captain who is victimized,
  • a Bookie who represents the darker side of the game,
  • a Politician who patronizes the game for money,
  • a Cricketer Friend who always sees the funnier side of the game
  • are few other characters through whom Doosra depicts the changing face of Cricket.


Delhi Ganesh, Kathadi Ramamurthy, Uvashree, Dr. Geetha Jayaraman, Girish, Balaji, Swami, Alex, S.B.I. Murali, K. Balu, Sridher, Madhu, Rajesh, Maheshwar, Prabhakar, Cheenu, Telephone Vekatraman, Karthick Bhatt, Hari with Anand Ragav. Budding Cricketers: Aravind Raj, Ajith Raj, Mrithyunjay, Vishwaajay.


Sets : Padma Stages Kannan

Lights : Perumal Babu

Mike : Naradha Gana Sabha


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