Written & Directed by : K. Vivekshankar

Music : Guha Prasath

Design & Technical Consultant : Krishnamurthy

Produced by : Shivaji Chaturvedi & T. D. Sundararajan


Dhanushkoti, a periodic stageplay highlighted the lifestyle and emotions predominant during the 1960s. The story is based on actions real time on the fateful day when rains and deluge were recorded in the history of Dhanushkoti, a natural disaster that washed away the town of Dhanushkoti off from being a brisk town of action with flourishing trade.

It is at this backdrop, the story revolves around a Bank officer and a Clerk of the same bank . Being a straightforward and a strict disciplinarian, the bank officer recommends suspension of the Clerk pending enquiry. The young Clerk arrives at the house of the officer and seeks pardon explaining the circumstances that led him to manipulate the money for a couple of days. The war that begins here between sense of duty, upholding of principles and the struggle of emotions is evident throughout the play. The play goes on to demonstrate how compelling situations in life throws challenge at people and the struggle between life and death, thus offering enormous scope for an absorbing thriller. The characters and the situations are as realistic as of that era and much care is taken towards the finer details.

The highlight of the play is the downpour and flood situation brought on stage in real for over 90 minutes, not just as a backdrop but as a character in the play. The natural calamity plays a pivotal role in the play altering the situation in the happenings at Dhanushkoti town just before nature swallowed the entire town.


Kathadi Ramamurthy, T.D. Sundararajan, Shivaji Chaturvedi, Kaushik, Balaji, Girish, M.B. Murthy, Prema Sadasivam, Preethi, Telephone Venkatraman.


Art : Mohan Babu

Set : Usha Stage Vijiyakumar

Lights : Perumal Babu

Special Effects : Balachander

Mike : Naradagana Sabha (Murali)


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